30 Sep

Week 26 Recap

Looking Back

Week number 26… half a year I have been working on this project. A lot has happened in that time, even though these past six months appeared to have flown by in an instant. I wish I could have worked more, or more efficiently. However, I realize that everyone has their limitations and I can be no different. I am clearly behind my own schedule but will not accept this as an inevitable failure. There is still a lot that I can and will accomplish.

As for the actual progress since the last update: I have re-designed the task system around conversations and a couple of jobs can now be functionally assigned to settlers. Watch the following clip to see it in action:

Settlers currently start out as gatherers by default. They will seek out and collect freely available resources and drop them off at a nearby storage. In the clip, I make one of the settlers a worker. His job is then to build whatever I had planned and restock any objects which require resources (e.g. the camp fire).

I intend to keep jobs at a high level of abstraction to take the burden of micro-management off the players. You should be more interested in the general well-being of settlers and their loyalty rather than a perfectly efficient economy. The game should take care of that for you.

Looking Forward

Next, I am going to implement more of the jobs and rework the initial settlement quest to correctly reflect the system changes.

Thanks for reading!

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