16 Sep

Week 24 Recap

Looking Back

This week, I have integrated an open source dialogue system component (Fungus) which has replaced my previous, rough implementation. Starting from my coarse flow chart of last week, I have created a more elaborate dialogue tree for NPC interactions:

WIP Conversation Flow Chart

WIP Conversation Flow Chart

Most of the blocks in the diagram above already have some (or a lot of) logic behind them. A conversation can be started and navigated but most of the actual NPC behavior is not yet triggered. The following screenshot shows a couple of options from the dialogue tree above:

Dialogue Example

Dialogue Example

The conversation UI’s look and feel is still set to the component’s default. Changing that has little priority at the moment, however.

Looking Forward

I did not manage to¬†connect the conversation results to actual behaviors, but I do plan to make that happen next week. It is about time for a new video clip, anyway…

Thanks for reading!

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