12 Aug

Week 19 Recap

Looking Back

It was a slow week. I just could not stay focused. Some smaller issues have been resolved, though:

  • When planning building foundations, they will now snap to the unit grid
  • Pause functionality is in, still requires some visual cues in some instances (e.g. dimming the screen)
  • Found and fixed an issue with the AI not properly resetting when NPCs searched and ate food

Animations are still somewhat borked:

Animation Fail

Animation Fail

What is happening here is that some of the animations have movement and offsets encoded within them. If not properly compensated, it leads to flying dorks which are supposed to look around on the ground.

Looking Forward

I will take another look at animations and add some more NPC behaviours. I would like to be able to assign generic gathering tasks to NPCs, combined with a drop-off at a storage pad.

Thanks for reading and I hope I will soon be able to show more stuff again…

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