22 Jul

Week 16 Recap

Looking Back

There is little to show this week, but fortunately not due to┬álack of progress. Most of the work I have done was under the hood or would make boring presentation material. The initial “quest” line for the game start has been expanded with two new steps. I have also added a stockpile building, which serves as a drop-off point for commonly used resources which can be accessed by anyone. The rest of my time has been spent on fixing or improving some minor aspects (some animations, more highlighting, showing proper labels for interactions instead of “activate”, fixing the floor display issues for good, zooming out when selecting targets, etc.).

While writing this, I have also finished a shoddy version of a jump and ledge grab move. No more reloading when you spawn in a pit on a new map! Yay! For reference, and for those who may find this interesting, here is the current animation graph:

Animation Graph

Animation Graph

Looking Forward

Since my backlog keeps growing, I will concentrate on whittling that down a little:

  • Add game pause functionality
  • Make terrain areas available as targets for tasks
  • Add food gathering tasks with areas as targets
  • Make initial building foundation parts snap to the unit grid
  • Fix the abysmally bad jumping animation

Also, here is a little concept shot of a log cabin at night under a full moon:

Cabin at night

Cabin at night

As always, thanks for reading and until next week!

2 thoughts on “Week 16 Recap

  1. Hey Stephan,
    What programming enironment/Gpu-sdk did you use for the images i saw so far?
    I know it will become a fantastic game.
    Me, for myself, am right now workin on expanding my javascript library, which beats jquery, in most aspects, to webgl, creating a three.js interface.
    This because i see the browser as the smallest common factor in near-future sw-dev.

    • It’s all done in Unity, with Visual Studio as a companion-IDE for the C# scripting. Look at their page for details: Unity3D.

      They offer building to most available platforms, including all your standard desktop OS and WebGL. Browser deployment is therefore covered if I manage to somewhat get down the resource consumption of the game…

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