16 Jul

Week 15 Recap

Looking Back

The recap is late, but I got everything done which I had planned last week. Building planning creates blueprints, which can be built manually or by tasking settlers with it. The following clip shows a construction-ready blueprint (only ground floor is shown at the beginning) being constructed piece by piece:

As you can see, the navigation is already updated while building and the NPC can find the next part to build (although somewhat insecurely at times…).

Looking Forward

Next week I will concentrate on enhancing the start of the game and parts of the UI. The player’s starting task should include setting up a task to have the initial camp fire tended to and building a first dwelling. I might also wire up some animations to the characters. The current building process is jarringly abrupt. Also, the floor management and display still has some issues which I would like to iron out…

Thank you for reading and until next week!

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