10 Jul

Week 14 Recap

Looking Back

Although last week was cut a bit short, I made some nice progress. All basic building elements are now working together nicely. The uConstruct component is excellently done, which facilitated all necessary modifications and extensions.

The most important addition to the building system was the concept of floors. The component was originally intended for a first-person perspective (as seen in e.g. Fallout 4 or Rust). From a top-down perspective, visibility of elements becomes an actual concern. Floors (or their elements) are now made transparent if they obstruct visibility for building or navigation. See the following clip for a demo of constructing and navigating a complex building:

Another important addition is the building interface, as seen in the clip, which is still quite raw but exposes the most important functions.

Looking Forward

Next week I will take on the proper building finalization, i.e. saving a plan will create a blueprint. I also intend to implement the construction task for NPCs and player interactions to construct elements themselves. Whenever an element is finished, NPCs should also become aware of them for navigation purposes.

As always, thanks for reading!

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