17 Jun

Week 11 Recap

Looking Back

Finally! NPCs can now keep a camp fire going (the “pants on fire” issue will be solved, eventually):

Basically, the task makes characters look for combustible materials (e.g. fire wood next to trees), pick it up and drop it on the fire. The task appears simple, as I can describe it in a single sentence. However, it already incorporates most of the fundamental mechanics required for any other tasks. As mentioned before, this means adding additional behaviour becomes much faster now.

I also added an outline to the player character, whenever its top half is occluded by some large object. The last half of the video snippet above demonstrates it well.

Looking Forward

Still pending: Task overview. Another tedious user interface to implement. But it is important. I also need to clean up some more code around the task system and organize text fragments into a central repository. Next week’s update is probably going to be a tad boring. But we shall see…

Thank you for reading.

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