22 Apr

Week 3 Recap

Looking Back

Apparently I am really bad at planning tasks for my own work. Again I have found myself working mainly on code which enables the stuff I actually wanted to do. Fortunately, all the stuff I have done keeps making my job easier. Earlier this week I had shown off a screenshot of trees and little bushes on the terrain:


The addition of these props was a logical prerequisite of NPC survival behaviour: those guys need resource nodes to gather food and materials, hence trees for firewood and bushes for berries. I thought went a bit overboard with the prop system when adding it. However, when it came to making video material for today’s update, I was able to add two more kinds of props within a couple of minutes. Time well spent.

I put some more work into the task and quest system, which was actually planned. Again, adding some more steps and conditions is really easy now. Here’s a video showing off the slightly expanded first steps:

At the end of the video, I also demonstrated the completely redone context and building menu. I had done an iteration on that before I started the game in earnest, but decided to scrap that in favor of a cleaner version because I have learnt a great deal more about Unity, already.

Here is another video showing what happens behind the loading screen:

Looking Forward

I still want to release the first alpha version at the end of next week. I will invite a batch of testers in time. As for the game itself, I plan (hah!) to do the following:

  • Flesh out settlement quest
    • Add camp fire
    • Add tents for player and NPCs
    • Add stockpile
    • Start NPC survival mode
  • Start work on player-NPC interaction
    • Define and assign tasks
  • Filler stuff
    • Move pathfinding navigation data processing to loading scene
    • Day-night cycle

Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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