06 Apr

Early Progress

Originally I had planned to make a progress update on Friday. But since I have been able to get quite a bit done in such little time, I would like to share some bits already.

First up is a look at the current iteration of the game’s menu structure and new game setup. It is still very rough, but should give you a good idea where this is going:

This short sequence shows the main menu, character creation mock-up and map creation screens. This is work I had already completed before starting full-time on the game.

Next, we take a look at some in-game footage right after entering a new game:

The video shows the first iteration of companions following you around in an initial caravan. In the character creation screen, players can select a number of companions which whom they will start their settlement. Right now, everything is made up of placeholders. But soon, those companions will be reflected in the game. At first, you are going to be dropped at the border of the chosen region and travel some distance into the land to select a settlement site. Up until that point, you will be safe. Dangerous wildlife and other threats will only become aware of you once you have established a foothold.

Since this progress, with all underlying and not apparent changes was my planned goal for this week (hence the early update) I will now use the time to improve code and maybe do some visual stuff. On Friday, I will share my plans for next week’s tasks.

P.S.: Sorry for the potato-quality videos. I still have to set up a process which gets us good footage and does not take hours to upload.

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